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Fran Minney Privacy Notice

Name of Business: Fran Minney


Person responsible for data protection: Francesca Anna Minney


What personal data does Fran Minney hold?

Contact information for clients and mailing list subscribers including (but not limited to) names, email addresses and phone numbers.


How did Fran Minney get this data?

Data is collected through clients making contact, clients filling in contracts and people signing up to the mailing list.


Why does Fran Minney hold data?

Fran Minney holds the data listed above in order to make contact with clients and people who have chosen to subscribe to the mailing list. The data is required for organising future work, requesting payment after work is completed and for communication. Data is also held for tax purposes in order to create detailed records for audit purposes.


How long will Fran Minney keep this data?

Client data (specifically names, phone numbers and email addresses) will be held indefinitely unless a request is made for Fran Minney to delete this data. Event contracts will be kept until the end of the tax year following the event to cover any future disputes (e.g. if Fran Minney is booked for an event on 10th August 2021, the contract will be kept until 5th April 2023). Client names and invoices containing client data will be kept until 5 years after the tax filing deadline of the tax year the event occurred in (e.g. if Fran Minney is booked for an event on 10th August 2021, client names will remain on tax records and invoices containing client data will be kept until 31st January 2027). 

Data collected when people sign up to the mailing list will be deleted when someone unsubscribes from the mailing list.


Does Fran Minney share data?

Data is not shared with anyone else.


How do I request access to, or correct or request deletion of my data held by Fran Minney?

To do any of the above please send your request to


How do I complain to the ICO?

Use this link to make a complaint to the ICO:


Does Fran Minney make automated decisions or do profiling based on the data held?


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